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Sun sets too early
Night falls way too soon
Rain falls too early
Rainbow fades too soon

Story starts too late
Chapter goes too long
Story ends too soon
Regret comes too late

All good things are sweet and short
Like a tulip bloom in spring
Cherries can be sweet or sour
But having a taste we must

Some of our stories
End before they start
Just like an endless winter
Skipping to the fall

But all of our stories
Are written by hand
And all the really good ones
Always bittersweet


Littleman in C Major was created a little more than a year ago, coincidentally on an auspicious day: 10/10/10. In the past one year I have:

  • Released 26 songs.
  • Performed 4 live shows.
  • Released a song to iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby (Sleepwalk).
  • Peaked at #11 on ReverbNation’s Seattle pop chart, and stayed in top 25 most of the time.

Some raw stats, as of November 4th, 2011:

  • LittlemanInCMajor.com page views: 624
  • ReverbNation profile views: 2,197
  • YouTube channel views: 2,293
  • Facebook Likes: 137
  • Twitter followers: 38
  • YouTube subscribers: 25

Following are the song play stats from YouTube, ReverbNation, and combined:

Heart Transplant is truly the most popular song of mine as it gathers its thousands of views in YouTube without much promotion. Catch a Cold and Sleepwalk’s numbers are kind of inflated because I have them auto-played on my other website, www.oldbuddy.net where I offer a popular Windows Live Photo Gallery plugin. 

How do those plays translate to downloads?

One interesting thing here was I found some bugs by looking at this data. ReverbNation’s stats told me that all listeners actually listened to 100% of “Harbor and Anchor” and “Little Child”, yet the download counts were 0. It turned out I forgot to set the two to be downloadable. 

Do you know you can download all of my songs free from Facebook/ReverbNation? : )


Book Littleman in C Major for your next Seattle area event!

I will play a one-hour set for free. Send me a note at me [at] LittlemanInCMajor.com for arrangement. The set list may include all of my original music. Unfortunately, I will not be able to take cover requests. I will bring my keyboard, but you will need to provide the sound system (amps + speakers).

I have performed publicly at Spotted Cow Ice Cream & Coffee in Mill Creek, and The Commons @ Microsoft in Redmond. Check out this video for a sample!

Exactly a year ago today on October 10th, 2010, Littleman in C Major was born when I first created my YouTube channel. I guess I owe you a little intro about myself : )

Who is Littleman in C Major, and why the name?

I’m Leo, the guy behind it. Littleman is my nickname at home thanks to me being the youngest in my family, and C Major scale (the white keys) was the only thing I knew when I started playing and writing music.

A little about me

  • I was born and bred in Medan, Indonesia.
  • I am University of Michigan alum, class of 2007. Go Blue!
  • I am now working as software engineer in Seattle, WA, U.S.

How long have you been playing?

This is the question I got asked most frequently, and a very hard one to answer. In short: one year plus a little bit. Before I started writing my own music in September 2010, I could only play exactly four songs. The long story …

The first song – 2002 to 2003

I never played any musical instrument until my senior year in high school. I heard this song 新鮮人~ Luv Theme Whisper by Stephen Fung 馮德倫 on a Hong Kong TV show called The Green Hope, and loved it so much that I decided to learn how to play it on piano. Musically blind, I downloaded the music sheet, converted those “beansprouts” into numbers on paper, and painstakingly learned it by memorization: right hand melody, left hand chords, followed by agonizing synchronization of both hands. I also asked my classmate Feriany to show me many times how to play it (Thank you : )

The second and third song – 2003 to 2006

At the beginning of my college year, I was hooked by Pachelbel’s Canon, and I got a music sheet in C major key from my friend, Eva, who also showed me many times how to play it (Thank you : ) Not having a piano, I would go to the piano lounge in Pierpont Commons at Michigan whenever I could. It took me my whole college years to learn the whole song, using the same method as my first. At the same time, I was also learning to play 好夢難圓  (Unrequited Dream) by Gallen Lo 羅家良 of which I only got halfway through. 

The fourth song – 2007 to 2010

The dormant period. I bought myself Yamaha P70 digital piano when I got my first job, but it quickly became a piece of furniture. I only managed to learn one more song, 心裡話 (Truth), which I have now forgotten how to play. I was somewhat discouraged by my slow progress, and stopped playing.

Have you taken any lesson before?

Piano 101 for non-music major during my last semester at Michigan. It’s taught by the wonderful Ms. Rajung Yang. I think it was 2 or 3 hours per week for 2.5 months. The most vivid memory I have from this class was her showing us how to write a short music in under 2 minutes using only three notes (Thank you : ) It was the inspiration for Love and Longing in Seattle. I figured then my music doesn’t need to be overly complex.

How do you learn to write?

Experimentation. I came across the 4-Chord Song by Axis of Awesome which suggested that I should be able to write something very simple. The version of Pachelbel’s Canon I learned happened to use all C major chords (C-G-C’, G-D-G’, A-E-A’, E-B-E’, F-C-F’), so I kept experimenting with combinations of those chords until I found something that sounds good to me. Here are the chord progressions I use often:

  • C – G – A – E – F (Happy Birthday)
  • C – F – G – A (Love and Longing in Seattle, Hello & Good Morning, etc.)
  • A – F – G – C (Silent Argument)
  • C – A – F – G (We Miss You Everyday, It’s a Beautiful Day, etc.)
  • G – E – C – D (Sleepwalk)

Got any more questions? Ask on Facebook or Twitter @littlemanCMajor!

"Sometimes life is like a song on single repeat, so pick your song wisely."

- littleman in C Major